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Mumra is on UTC + 4 hours

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Map and location detail about Mumra in Russian Federation (Europe), Eastern Europe

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Having added local hotels this is a far as we go with information about Mumra in Astrakhan at the moment (16th September 2012) whilst we organise and verify, as far as we can, the rest of the Russian Federation (Europe) place name data. You can see what further information we intend to add about Mumra from the proposed items in the menu on the left. As these facilities become available we will add links to the menu items.

In certain areas of the world the maps are not very accurate therefore you may find it useful to change the map to the 'Satellite' image (click tab in top right corner of the map) to get a bird's eye view of Mumra.

Local Services in Mumra


We currently have no record of any local services at this location

As we develop this website further you will be able to add your business, event venue or tourist attraction if it is located within Mumra. When we are ready for you to do this the application links and instructions will appear here.